Team Yankee Springs

Our goal is simple. We are a slate of Yankee Springs citizens that want to lead the township in a professional manner. We come from diverse backgrounds and yet we share the same core values of honesty, integrity, discipline, and have a desire to provide leadership for our township.

We live in different areas of our township, but that mixture helps us understand varied points of view. We will invite, value, and respect the input from all our residents. We will discuss issues with civility, vote on them in a timely manner, and we will all support the decisions of the board.  We will assist our various committees and enable them to make valuable recommendations and decisions. We will develop a strategic plan to help take us into the future.

Responsible stewardship of this beautiful township is our vision. We will give you quality government. We want your vote and look forward to the challenge and privilege of serving our township.



Rob Heethuis (R) - Supervisor

Mike Cunningham (R) - Clerk

Deb Mousseau (R) - Treasurer

Dave VanHouten (R) - Trustee

Larry Knowles (R) - Trustee


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We want your vote on the August 4th Primary Election!

We, Team Yankee Springs, devote ourselves to improve our local township administration. Together we are committed to establishing faith in our township management by electing ethical officials who are dedicated to maturity, professionalism, political responsibility, and financial accountability.


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